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Warning - Contains Giantess content, Mild swearing, flattening and a looooooot of butts. I... I really like butts okay?!


"Y-you can't be serious!"

Tina recoiled visibly, her face a bright red. In front of her, Jenny stood with her hands behind her, having just proposed an idea. "W-why would you want to do that?!" Tina asked, embarrassed with even the sheer concept.

"Oh come on, aren't you a little curious~?" Jenny asked with a smile, leaning in closely. "I know you enjoy butts just as much as the rest of us~" She teased.

"Sh-shut up!" Tina said nervously, attempting to avoid eye contact.

"Kufufufu~!" Jenny laughed, covering her mouth with her hand. Returning her hands behind her, Jenny spoke in a much nicer tone. "It's okay sis, you don't have to join us~ Entirely up to you!"

With that, Jenny began to move to the front door, cheerfully humming a tune.

"Wait!" Tina cried, grabbing her shoes and tugging them on and tying them as quickly as she could. "I-I'll join!"

Jenny turned, tilting her head with a worried expression. "You sure? You don't-"

"I-I want to. As long as you guys are there... I want to be there too." Tina said nervously.

"Aww~" Jenny pulled Tina into a hug, resting her head against Tina's neck. "Don't worry, it'll be fun!"

"I-I hope so..." Tina muttered, her face tinging red once again.

"Well, let's get going~!" Jenny said happily, pulling a handheld growth ray from seemingly nowhere and zapping the duo.

"W-wait, shouldn't we have been outside first?!" Tina shouted, the growth having already begun.

"Oh yeah.... Woops!" Jenny laughed nervously, scratching the back of her head.

"No no no no!" Tina cried, rushing to the front door as she already stood taller than it, opening it and getting down on her knees, attempting to crawl through... Only to get stuck halfway. "God-fucking-dammit!" She cursed.

Jenny merely laughed as she sat down, head pressing against a struggling roof. "Come on, you know you love doing this~" She teased, poking Tina's butt as she steadily ran out of room.

"...I hate the fact I love it." Tina grumbled, face once more blushing red as the house crumbled around her, ever growing. "Hopefully we don't keep the others waiting too long..."


"Wait, no pleas-"


Izzy sighed, pressing her fingers against her throat as the tiny slowly moved down her throat, barely making a lump due to her size. "Where are they? Jenny said to meet here, right?" She asked.

Kate, laying down in the middle of the street, shrugged, shuffling on top of a bunch of cars that were absently crushed flat underneath her. "Dunno." She replied.

"Wait, did we head to the wrong city? Shit we did get the right city, right?" Izzy asked, tapping her chin in thought.

"Dunno." Kate repeated.

Suddenly, a booming sound was heard, and Jenny was running towards them, Tina trailing behind with debris in her hair. "Sorry we're late!" Jenny shouted.

"Someone decided to make us grow indoors and ruin the house... Again." Tina muttered, pulling out pieces of the former home from her hair.

"Tut tut tut, Tina you really oughta stop that~" Izzy teased with a knowing grin, which only grew as she received a raspberry from Tina in response.

"Okay! Let's do it~!" Jenny shouted joyously, Kate slowly getting up off the ground and stretching. "Okay girls, ready~?"

"Bring it." Kate answered with a nod.

"Sure." Izzy said nonchalantly.

"L-lesgo!" Tina said nervously.

"Okay, on my count!" Jenny announced. All four girls proceeded to stand facing away, each facing a different diagonal direction. "3, 2, 1...

Butt bump!" Jenny shouted, all four girls moving in at once towards each other, slamming their rears against each other.

Boom! All 4 butts slammed together, the earth beneath them shaking, windows breaking for miles, and even some nearby buildings failing to continue standing, crumbling to dust all around them.

"Woo-hoo~!" Jenny shouted. "That was great!"

"I can't believe I just did that..." Tina mumbled, attempting to hide her bright red face by using her hair.

"Oh come on, you enjoyed it~" Izzy teased, petting Tina on the head. "You're smiling~"

"I'M SMILING AND I HATE IT" Tina cried, yet true to Izzy's words, the smile had yet to fade.

"Well... Now what?" Kate asked.

"Well, now it's time for the reward!" Jenny said happily. Stomping through some buildings, Jenny proceeded to come back with some bags in her hands, smiling happily. "I know you love dress up, so I brought some outfits~!" She set the bags down, pulling out outfits out one by one. "First, we've got Blaze the Cat's-"

"Dibs!" Tina shouted, snatching it out of Jenny's hands, garnering some stares from the others, whom looked on with bemused smiles. "I-I earned this!" The blonde said with a bright red face, clutching the outfit close.

"No one's arguing with you, dork." Izzy said. "I'll pass, thanks."

"Well, I know what outfit I want." Kate said, moving closer to the bags.

"Same here~" Jenny said happily.


Both girls stopped and starred at each other, both having reached for the bag with the bright red dress. Slowly, the two began to sport eerie smiles, with no genuine feelings of joy present.

"That's cute sweetie, but leave it to a butt professional~" Jenny said evily, tugging at the bag.

"Butt professional? Please, people would die for my ass." Kate retorted, tugging equally as hard, tension resting heavy as Tina began to back up, whilst Izzy pulled a bag of popcorn from seemingly nowhere.

"Well, I'd say there's only one way to dispute this..." Jenny said, standing defiantly... Before ripping her clothes off, revealing a swimsuit underneath. "KEIJOOOOOOOOO!" She shouted, hands on her hips as she displayed her body.

"...I don't know what that is, but it's on!" Kate shouted, ripping off her own clothes into a swimsuit, the two girls walking over to the nearby ocean, an inflatable platform waiting for them as they begin their trash talk.

"So, you think a golf ball can match a wrecking ball?" Kate asked sarcastically.

"I've been in the game way longer, you're going down." Jenny retorted, climbing on the inflated platform.

Meanwhile, nearby, Tina and Izzy stood side by side, watching the duo begin their trash talk, despite having already made it to the platform. "Are they seriously doing this...?" Tina asked, shaking her head.

"Come on, you know you want to watch~" Izzy teased with a grin.

"Beside the point..." Tina mumbled, refusing to look at Izzy with her face red.


Tina yelped at the sound of a camera, looking down at her feet to make sure no one was down there. "Wha- Where-"


"Behind you sis." Izzy stated. Tina turned her head to face a building that was roughly level with thighs, a tiny with a camera snapping photos of her from behind.

Her face became bright red, and at that moment, something seemed to snap in Tina.

"You like looking at my butt, huh...?" She asked menacingly, the tiny now backing away nervously. Suddenly, Tina backed up, her legs incredibly close to the building.

"Then why don't you just take it!" She shouted, leaping up and preparing to land butt first on the small building.


Her vengeance was quick, leaping up and slamming down butt first onto the building, causing it to crumble and be flattened in no time at all. An earthquake shook the area, buildings next to her struggling to stay standing, as the dust of the building settled underneath her.

"You okay?" Izzy asked.

"JUST. FINE." Tina replied in a tone that was very obviously not fine. "I AM HEADING HOME. WITH THIS OUTFIT." She stated, standing and grumpily walking away.

"Should I...?" Izzy contemplated telling Tina about the tiny that had become flat and stuck to her behind, before shrugging. "Nah." She decided, watching as Jenny and Kate continued their argument over 'Who has the best butt in all the land'.

'Today has been a good day for butts.' Izzy decided with a smile.
A whole story based around butts...

I whole heartedly blame :iconthedaibijin: for this

and :icon3d-chocoholic-izzy:

and :iconbehindjk:

...And me. I also blame me for this.

Stupid me. How dare I be pervy deep down.

I suck.

...Why did I write this.
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THEDAIBIJIN Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats Tina :clap:
The definition of butts is here >:3
Here's your medals!
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T-on-DA Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
Oh come on sis, ain't that good... >////<
THEDAIBIJIN Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Silly Sis, this is good stuff :3
Trust in butts!

T-on-DA Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017

Thanks sis! :icongiantsmotherhugplz:
THEDAIBIJIN Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm the one who thank you :hug:
P.S. We're in the same size.

T-on-DA Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017

Sorry sis, it doesn't lie </3 You're shorter than us
THEDAIBIJIN Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You know I suck ass at math > n <
How embarrassing~

3D-Chocoholic-Izzy Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017
You don't suck at maths, you're hiding your tiny size.
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T-on-DA Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017

Guess unless we got you properly measured, we wouldn't know for sure

But hey, look on the bright side; If you're short, you're closer to the butts
RatedDX Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
You won't hear any arguments from me. Booty is my middle name. 😎
T-on-DA Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
Jenny might argue with you on that one
RatedDX Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I'd like to see her win it :meow:
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