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Tina and Friends - Butts and Robbers?
Warning; This story contains Giantess content, and Butts. More specifically, one giant butt.
"So what are we doing here exactly?"
Izzy stood there tapping her foot, waiting to fully get the details of this "Game" that had been proposed to her.
Standing alongside her was Tina, and to her other side was Kate.
And in front of her was one VERY big Jenny. 500ft big, in fact, sitting on a building that was ready to collapse under her.
"Well... We're gonna play a little game...~ Cops and Robbers!" Jenny stated happily.
"Why do you get to be the cop...?" Izzy grumbled.
"Because I'm the birthday girl~" Jenny taunted in turn with a shit eating grin, standing up as the building she sat on collapsed. "The rules are simple; I have to catch you, you have to make it out of the city!"
"...Okay, I'll bite, what's the pervy twist?" Tina questioned with a raised eyebrow. "Please don't tell me it's vore, I just showered..."
"Kufufu, you'll see~" Jenny taunted.
"She did the laugh, prepare for
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Tina and Friends - Izzy's Cupcake
WARNING; Contains Giantess and vore based content. You've been warned.
'Hmm... What should I do today?
Maybe I should perform some "tests" on some tinies?
No... I need something else.
Maybe I should go back to that city? I've been meaning to rebuild after Kate's rampage.
No no, I need something more!
Ah... Perfect.'
Izzy hummed to herself as she strode through her lab, smiling cheerily. It was her birthday, so she was going to do whatever she pleased and nobody could tell her otherwise.
'I think this is the perfect gift to myself~' She thought to herself, a grin refusing to leave her as she began to imagine what exactly her "victims" were going to think of her.
"Guess who's hungr-" She said in a sing-song voice as she swung open the cupboard... Only to find it empty.
"Wha- But-" Izzy stammered, before shouting. "TINA!"
Stomping her way upstairs, Izzy looked around... And a pleasant scent assaulted her senses.
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Tina and Friends - Butts. Just butts.
Warning - Contains Giantess content, Mild swearing, flattening and a looooooot of butts. I... I really like butts okay?!
"Y-you can't be serious!"
Tina recoiled visibly, her face a bright red. In front of her, Jenny stood with her hands behind her, having just proposed an idea. "W-why would you want to do that?!" Tina asked, embarrassed with even the sheer concept.
"Oh come on, aren't you a little curious~?" Jenny asked with a smile, leaning in closely. "I know you enjoy butts just as much as the rest of us~" She teased.
"Sh-shut up!" Tina said nervously, attempting to avoid eye contact.
"Kufufufu~!" Jenny laughed, covering her mouth with her hand. Returning her hands behind her, Jenny spoke in a much nicer tone. "It's okay sis, you don't have to join us~ Entirely up to you!"
With that, Jenny began to move to the front door, cheerfully humming a tune.
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Kate in - Snack time
*Disclaimer; Contains shameless Giantess content and lots of Vore. I'm talkin impossibly big Vore. And it's short as hell. I was lazy.*
"Doo, doo, doo, doo doo doo, doo, doo, doo, doo doo doo...~"
Kate sang to herself the famous theme of Mission Impossible currently blaring from the earbuds under her earmuffs; Fitting, for her currently goal.
She was bored shitless, which was nothing new and was currently sneaking into Izzy's lab to find something to do.
Again, nothing new.
"Ba-nah-naaah... Ba-nah-naaah... Ba-naaah-naaah... Ba-Nah-nah!" She sung, sticking to the walls as if she was on a stealth mission into Izzys lab.
Granted, it was always unlocked and unguarded, but she still felt like she was sneaking into some high tech base.
Walking down the stairs and opening the steel door at the bottom, Kate looked inside... And saw no trace of Izzy in sight.
Disappointed, Kate stood up straight and turned off her music, and began to look around the lab for something new.
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Tina and friends - Some sort of holiday
*Disclaimer; Contains shameless Giantess content and slight Vore. This stuff is weird. Send help*
Axel let out a content sigh, his hands warmed by the mug of hot chocolate in his hands. Raising the mug to his lips, he gently nursed the beverage, before setting it down on the table in front of him.
He looked over the nearby streets from his seat, having opted to sit outside the cafe rather than in, taking in the snowy city and smiling. "Today is a good day~!" He exclaimed to himself, adjusting himself on his seat.
However, as he reached for his mug, he noticed the liquid inside ripple, his eyebrows raising in surprise as he leaned in for a closer look, watching as it rippled again... Before the mug itself shook.
And that's when he heard it.
Boom, boom, boom...
Standing in surprise, he watched as a giant shoe crushed the cars nearby, the Metal easily giving way to the sole. Axel could only look upwards and upwards as he recognised the giant...
Or rather, the giantess.
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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - I want to grow!
"So... What's exactly the plan here?"
Two individuals stood at the Dragon altar of Conton City, a cliff-face with a pedestal that overlooked the recreational square.
"Well, since we've been struggling with those expert missions, I thought we could ask Shenron for a little help!" One of the beings, a human, replied.
The 1st of the duo sighed. Unlike her companion, she was far from human; She was a Majin. She had green, bubblegum like skin that culminated at the top of her head in a hair like fashion, a large curl with a pony tail that curved upwards at it's tip, resembling an antenna. Her eyes were a bright blue with black iris, and hole like ears. She wore white armour with a green trim, and white pants with a green belt, and black shoes and wrist guards. Her most distinguishable feature, however, was her mouth, which was a rather cat like mouth.
"Do we really have to resort to this? It seems like... Cheating." The Majin, known as Tina replied.
Her companion, Jenny, turned to face her.
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So I managed to glitch out of bounds :icont-on-da:T-on-DA 1 0
Izzy's labcoat
Izzy parted the curtains of her changing room, stepping out at a proud 6'4, with a brand new labcoat on her shoulders, and multiple others in her hands. After her most recent experiment, she found herself in need of a new coat; Couldn't recover the previous one, given the nature of her experiment (But now she knew how survivors would react if they found the one who destroyed their city and lives at the size of a kitten. Turns out, not a very peaceful reaction).
Whilst her body was easily fixed, her previous labcoat had taken too much abuse (and in this case, fire) to stay together any longer. However, with a quick stop to a neighboring city, they managed to find a store with new labcoats.
"Son of a bitch!"
Izzy turned her attention to her two companions, sitting apart from one another with one wielding a 3DS and the other brandishing her New 3DS. Completely different.
Relaxing with a smug, easygoing smirk, Kate was almost lazily pressing the buttons on her 3DS, sho
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Rouge's Booby Trap
'Move fast, move quietly, move efficiently.'
These were some of the key rules to being a Spy. Rouge knew this, and always recited them in her head.
The mobian ran across the train tracks, the sun setting in the distance. Although some may mistake her for a human, this was not the case; Although she may appear as one, the bat like wings and features gave her away.
She wasn't bothered by this; Whilst some may redicule mobians and openly despise them, she knew she could make them see her eye to eye with her unique.. methods.
By the time the master thief had arrived at the Mystic ruins, the sun had given way to the moon, bathing the area in a dark blue light. Leaping from the tracks, Rouge used her wings to glide a fair distance, approaching the former location of Tails' workshop.
That's when she saw him.
Dr. Ivo Robotnik; Better known as Dr. Eggman.
Raising an eye in curiosity, Rouge moved closer, sticking to the shadows. Eggman flashed a bright light along the ground
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Amy's Little Date
"Come on Tails! You HAVE to have something that can bring me and my darling Sonic together!"
A young woman shouted this at one of her close friends. This young woman was Amy Rose; A pink Mobian who was love struck at the hero who saved the world almost daily, Sonic the Hedgehog.
Being a Mobian, one might mistake her for an average human being; However, being a Mobian meant that, whilst they were near identical to humans, their hair colour could be nearly any spectrum of the rainbow, and they featured body parts akin to animals. In Amy's case, she was a pink Hedgehog; Meaning her hair was as spikes as it was pink, and she featured small ears protruding from her hair. In addition, a small, pointed pink tail emerged from her behind.
She was in a heated yet one sided argument with one of her close friends, boy genius and Sonic's side kick, Miles Prower. Everyone referred to him as Tails, and for good reason; The fox Mobian featured not one, but two fluffy, yellow tails.&
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Overwatch: For whom the bell tolls
The bells in Dorado were loudly ringing in the attacking team's base, annoying not only said offence team, but also the defence waiting on the other side, who could hear it loud as day.
The one responsible for such noise was famous for her carefree attitude, speed, and, in the case of some fanboys and fan girls, her orange skin tight suit.
Yes, it was none other, than-
The excitable Brit stood on the upper platform of the base, although none knew how she even got up there in the first place, but regardless of these facts, the speedster continued to shoot the bells, causing an extremely loud ruckus and causing Junkrat to test if sticking explosives in his ears would block out the noise.
Sadly, all he got was a trip to respawn... And back to the annoying noise of those bells.
"Would someone please SHUT HER UP?! She's driving me insane!... Well, more than usual." Cried the junker, holding hands over his ears
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Warning; This story contains Giantess content, and Butts. More specifically, one giant butt.

"So what are we doing here exactly?"

Izzy stood there tapping her foot, waiting to fully get the details of this "Game" that had been proposed to her.

Standing alongside her was Tina, and to her other side was Kate.

And in front of her was one VERY big Jenny. 500ft big, in fact, sitting on a building that was ready to collapse under her.

"Well... We're gonna play a little game...~ Cops and Robbers!" Jenny stated happily.

"Why do you get to be the cop...?" Izzy grumbled.

"Because I'm the birthday girl~" Jenny taunted in turn with a shit eating grin, standing up as the building she sat on collapsed. "The rules are simple; I have to catch you, you have to make it out of the city!"

"...Okay, I'll bite, what's the pervy twist?" Tina questioned with a raised eyebrow. "Please don't tell me it's vore, I just showered..."

"Kufufu, you'll see~" Jenny taunted.

"She did the laugh, prepare for the perv." Kate warned half heartedly.

"You have 30 seconds, starting... Now!" Jenny shouted.

"SHIT." Tina shouted, all 3 girls running in different directions with different plans.

Jenny covered her eyes, laughing to herself the whole time. "Kufufu, this'll be fun~" She decided.

"Huff... Puff... Shit..." Tina mumbled, flopping behind a large dumpster with her tongue sticking out. "I... Am not... Built for running." She said in between breaths, holding onto her stomach. "I'm more of... A... Button pusher." Catching her breath, Tina slowly stood...

"Kufufufu... Ready or not, here I come~!" Jenny announced, stomping sounding in the city as the giantess begun her hunt.

Tina, already exhausted, flopped down behind the dumpster as a desperate hiding spot, Jenny's footsteps getting ever closer.

Sure enough, Jenny leaned over the building, scanning the alley... And finding Tina, pouting. "Sis, you didn't get very far at all..." Jenny mentioned with dissapointment.

"What'd you expect? I'm fat!" Tina retorted, throwing her arms up in frustration.

"Oh come on sis, you're not that fat... Anyway, you're caught!" Jenny stated with a grin.

Tina sighed, standing up and pacing. "Alright, go on. Do your pervy thing." She instructed.

"Kufufu, what thing~?" Jenny asked innocently, leaning on the building above.

Tina met her gaze with an unamused expression. "Sis, it's you. When is it not pervy?"

Jenny shrugged. "Good point. Now, time to meet your prison~!"

Tina sighed once more. "What, your stomach?"

"Kufufu, better~" Jenny said with a massive shit eating grin. "Close your eyes~"

"What? Why?" Tina demanded.

"Birthday girl's wishes~!" Jenny reminded, rocking on her heels back and forth. With a groan, Tina covered her eyes, hearing Jenny stomp around into position. "Okay, look up, and remove your hands!" Jenny ordered, and Tina did as she was told...

And immediately looked away because Jenny's butt was hovering right above her. "JENNY WHAT THE HELL?!" Tina shouted, attempting to hide her blushing face with her hands.

"Kufufu, say hi to your prison!" Jenny said with a laugh, before letting her weight go.

Boom! Jenny easily tore through the buildings with her butt, landing butt first on top of Tina. "One down, two to go~" Jenny said happily, standing and checking in the glass at her prize; One stuck to her right cheek Tina.

"God... Dammit..." Tina mumbled, unable to move from her current spot.

Least the butt covered her blush.


Unbeknownst to Jenny, she had a spectator; Izzy had decided to go behind Jenny, hoping to follow her to the city's outskirts, and had watched the entire exchange with a grin. 'A win win for me, regardless of if I get caught' She thought to herself, happily trailing behind the giantess.

"Come out come out wherever you are~!" Jenny said in a sing song voice, stomping around and inspecting every alley, which was only filled with Izzy after she had checked.

Izzy thought she had this one in the bag; If Jenny kept this up, she'd never find her, and victory was assured. Though, to a certain degree, she envied Tina's current position, whom she noticed constantly attempted to escape to no avail. 'Looks like Jen stuck her good...' Izzy desperately wanted to blow her cover to embarrass Tina further.

She wouldn't get the chance.

Tina's struggles were not in vain; With effort, she finally pulled her head free, taking in a deep breath. "Jenny, get me down from here! You already caught me!" She demanded.

Jenny, stopping to converse, turned her body so she could look down on her 'Sister'. "Oh come on sis, I can't just let you out of prison~ Besides, I know you like it there~"

"I LIKE IT AND I HATE THAT FACT!" Tina shouted in response.

Izzy had ducked behind a car during this exchange, waiting for Jenny to continue her journey...

"Kufufu, maybe this'll help then...~" Jenny decided.

Leaping up, Jenny prepared to slam down butt first...

With Izzy unfortunately aligning with her collision course.

"...Fuck." Izzy stated plainly.

BOOM! Jenny slammed down once again, retrapping Tina and adding Izzy to her collection.

"There, that should do the trick~" Jenny stated, turning around to look at Tina and check up on her... And was quite surprised to see Izzy stuck to her left cheek. "Kufufu, looks like I had a little follower... Two sisters down, and now there's only Kate~" Jenny said happily, stomping through the city once more on her hunt.

"God dammit get me off this!" Tina's shouting muffled Jenny's butt.

"Oh hush, you know you enjoy it." Izzy muffled back.

"SHUDDUP!" Tina shouted once more.


Kate casually strolled through the tunnel, kicking a rock along the tracks. Whereas the others had decided to go above ground, Kate had decided to take the subway and avoid Jenny entirely. A few times, she had to deal with some rubble landing in front of her from Jenny's stomping and sitting, but otherwise, she was in a great position.

The dark and oddly empty subway was an easy way to traverse the city without fear, and after passing a few stations and some random decisions on where Kate thought was the right path, she arrived at what she believed to be the last station.

"Easy peasey." Kate said confidently, stepping up onto the platform and making her way up the stairs. "Seriously, why did no one else do this?"

Kate slowly walked up the stairs to exit the subway, strutting with her chest puffed out as she stepped outside.

"I win-" Kate begun... Until she realised she was starring right at the rubble of the building Jenny had been sitting on prior.

"...Shit." Kate muttered as a shadow loomed over her.

"Wow, uhh... Wow." Jenny taunted, leaning on a building with a grin. "Kufufu, your sense of direction sucks."

"Ye." Kate agreed. "Can I go?" She asked.

"Hmm... Nah." Jenny said, shoving over the building and stomping over. "Your turn!" Jenny turned, grabbing her right cheek... And therefore, retrapping a struggling Tina.

"GOD FUCKING-" Tina shouted, retrapped.

"Hah, she's enjoying it." Kate noted with all chuckle. "What a perv."

"Kufufu, yeah~" Jenny laughed. "Anyway, your turn!" Jenny let her full weight and the power of gravity take over.

"...My butt's nicer." Kate muttered.


Jenny stood up and stretched, turning slightly to look at her captives... And of course, the butt shaped crater she left in the street.

"Game over~" Jenny taunted. "Kufufu, now time for cake!" Jenny declared, walking off happily with all 3 of her friends stuck to he ran butt.

"God dammit, let me go!" Tina shouted, struggling to escape, only to be pushed further in by a finger.

"Oh come on, you loooooove it~" Izzy taunted.

"SHUT. UP." Tina screamed.

"This needed more panty shots..." Kate mumbled.
Tina and Friends - Butts and Robbers?
Well, here's the birthday gift for :iconthedaibijin:!... Still had 2 more days, but no harm in early upload!

Whereas the birthday gift for Izzy was more cruel-ish then usual, this one is slightly more pervy then usual, so enjoy that >////> Yougoddamnpervs

Anyway, aside from being a butt-fest, this story also features :icon3d-chocoholic-izzy: and :iconbehindjk: because why not? Get the whole group together!
I booted up SFM because they released the Splatoon 2 shoes today

And got a beautiful reminder of why I don't use SFM and now just type shit on screen

Looks nice tho
I stole this from my big sis :icon3d-chocoholic-izzy: because I'm low on creative juices so something like this is nice


Subject name - Tina Ashleigh Brain 

Height - Varies; Prefers 2 inches to 500ft, Natural height is 5'9 

Age - 18 

Notable physical features - Chubby, long blonde curly hair. 

Threat level - 3

Likelihood to kill - 0

Strengths - At their best, the subject is rather weak; They posses only the ability to change size and not a lot else. Whilst they're far more flexible with their size, openly enjoying both small sizes to giant sizes to even planetary, she has virtually nothing.
She has been noted to use whatever is readily available (Regardless of if it's dirty fighting), as well as a few allies, or even eating people (Never chewing, always whole).

Weaknesses - Physically unfit; They have low stamina and strength. In addition, they're very much an emotional thinker, which can lead to her easily being distracted. If that wasn't enough, they're extremely moody; The simplest of things can lead to her flipping her mood on a dime, going from cheery to raging.
She also has no form of combat training and very little will to harm others. Even if she does doing something that would otherwise harm a tiny, it seems to prove ineffective, cartoonishly squashing them flat. Even eating them is ineffective; They always seem to wake up a few days later with no visible injury, aside from minor annoyance in best cases or some mental trauma, but never physical issues.

Favourite form of interaction - Primarily gentle, they have been known to be more rowdy and uncaring if in the company of one of her "Sisters", which can lead to minor destruction or flattening, but never truly leading to harm.

Conclusion - Complete softy at best, inconvinecne at worst.


...I'm not very good at this biggun thing


T-on-DA's Profile Picture
My preferred name is Tina. Preferred because, well. Transgender. Spoilers; It's a confusing cluster fuck where you scream at the mirror "Who am I?!" every 5 minutes. Eventually you start sounding like the protagonist of one of those edgy memory loss stories...

I used to make images using "Garry's mod" and then "Source Film Maker" but now I just write shit.

My personal interests include gaming, but you probably guessed that already. My usual games are Platformers, Fighting Games and maybe the odd First Person shooter here or there. I'm willing to give any game a try though! I have interests outside of gaming. My personal favorite show as a kid was Dragon Ball Z, and I still like it to this day. (Mostly due to nostalgia. Nostalgia; Clouding your judgement about how terrible something truly was.)

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay if you decide to stick around!

Find my steam profile here!


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